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Celebrate Leadership is an extension of Celebrate Community Church in Sioux Falls, SD, pastored by Keith Loy.

The Leadership program exists to equip and empower leaders in the church to ferociously take new ground for the Kingdom.

Leadership Articles

6 Convictions of the Church That Change the World

By Rick Warren

You tend to base your decisions on one of four motivations in life: circumstances, conveniences, criticisms, or convictions. Yet only decisions that are based on your convictions will last and leave a lasting legacy.

The people who have made the greatest impact on this world, for good or bad, are those who had the deepest convictions. They weren’t necessarily the smartest people, the brightest people, the most educated, the wealthiest, or even the most famous.…

8 Reasons the Church Is the Greatest Force On Earth

By Rick Warren

The Church is the most magnificent concept ever created. It has survived persistent abuse, horrifying persecution, and widespread neglect. Yet despite its faults (due to our sinfulness), it is still God’s chosen instrument of blessing and has been for 2,000 years.…

6 Ways to Create a Culture of Innovation in Your Church

By Rick Warren

Creativity matters in ministry. It matters because God is creative. He’s the most creative being in the entire universe. It only makes sense that we serve God with our creatively.
How do you develop a culture of innovation in your church?

3 Steps for Using Conflict to Your Advantage

By Liza Heidelberger

We’ve all been in that situation.  A relationship that is so far gone that you’d have to perform reconstructive surgery in order to repair it.  It’s messy, uncomfortable and stressful – like there’s a cloud of anxiety hanging over you every time you see that person.  Doesn’t feel so great, does it?  But what people tend to miss is that that big, uncomfortable thunderhead was once a small cloud off in the horizon.  What happened?…

4 Keys That Help to Make God’s Calling a Reality

By Liza Heidelberger

You have a dream…a vision…a calling. God has put something inside you that will accomplish big things for His glory. But once you figure out that vision and have a moderately-formed (or even minimally-formed) dream in sight, what comes next? One of the biggest God-given visions was the one He gave to Abraham and his descendants. In the 26th chapter of Genesis, God promised Isaac what He promised his father, Abraham:…

Being a Superhero Leader: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

By Liza Heidelberger

Every single person God created has a set of strengths that they can use and leverage to be the best leader possible.  One of the most effective skills you can have as a leader is the ability to first understand yourself before understanding those you lead — to understand your strengths and weaknesses.  Think of your greatest strengths as Superpowers…

The Cycle of Security 

By Mark Gorveatte

Seeking out, welcoming and positively responding to offered feedback is the missing ingredient for many leaders. Dr. Buckingham paraphrases John 8:31-32 and puts it this way, “Truth, rightly responded to, sets us free.” …

Mentoring Multiplies Ministry – Becoming a 3M Church 

By Mark Gorveatte

The most frequently asked question about leadership is “Are leaders born or made?”  The answer of course is that all leaders are born.  As John Maxwell jokes, “I wouldn’t want to meet an unborn leader.”  For leaders to achieve their maximum effectiveness, they must learn to lead. And the best way to learn to lead is by actually leading something with the counsel and coaching of an experienced mentor….


Dealing with Disappointment in Ministry

Leadership time with David Chrzan



The Great Balancing Act - Notes

Teaching Notes from Dr. Keith Loy

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Wednesday, December 7th, 2016

Every day we are privileged with 86,400 seconds to invest. We can choose to squander them or invest them. Since we have only one life to give, let’s live it well. Our attitude will be the difference – are we existing or living?

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